We guarantee your pre-approved
loan with cash.

With a Buyer Capital Performance Guarantee, your financed offer instantly becomes
a preferred offer to sellers who value the certainty of cash. They know beyond a
shadow of a doubt they’ll get paid no matter what happens, guaranteed. 


1. You get pre-approved for a loan, speak to your loan officer about working with Buyer Capital, and look for your dream home.

2. When you make an offer to the seller, we guarantee your performance. 

3. When your loan’s ready, you proceed to closing and purchase the home directly from the seller.

(In the unlikely event that your loan is delayed, just notify Buyer Capital and convert to the Cash Offer program. At that point, Buyer Capital will step in and pay the seller cash for the home you want, and you’ll buy it back from us at the same price later.)

When you buy the home directly from the seller, the only charge to Buyer Capital is 1/8 of 1% fee paid at closing.

If you convert to the Cash Offer program and we buy the home first, the 1/8th of 1% fee is replaced with a half of 1% nominee fee, plus
daily fee for the days we own the property. The daily fee is 1% of the purchase price divided by 30 (or $333 per day for a $1M home).
Clients incur an estimated $2,000 in additional transaction costs (2nd escrow, property insurance, and other fees)
that they would not have incurred had they bought the house directly from the original seller.

Cost Calculator

Use the slider to determine the costs associated with
Buyer Capital for the purchase price you desire. 

Buyer Performance Guarantee

You Buy
Property Direct


Buyer Performance Guarantee:

1/8 of 1% fee paid when you purchase

If you cannot close and convert to the Cash Offer program



+ 2,000 extra cost to 3rd parties


Total Cost Based on Number of Days
Buyer Capital Owns the Property

15 Days


30 Days


60 Days


Converting to a Cash Offer:

1/2 of 1% Nominee Fee (instead of 1/8 of 1% fee) + Daily Fee + $2,000 estimated extra transaction cost for 2nd closing, property insurance, and other fees.

Strengthen Your Offer with our Guarantee!